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Aquaman will find a mother and make an enemy

Image Unlike Batman's long-suffering solo album, work on another high-profile project in the DC cinematic universe is going on without a hitch so far. At the end of last year, it became known that the brilliant team of stuntmen of the action "Mad Max: Fury Road" will be engaged in staging the stunts in Aquaman , and a week ago the filmmakers published a snapshot of the preliminary script reading, which was attended by the director James Wang and blockbuster stars such as Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Warner Bros. is close to finalizing the main cast of the comic strip.

As expected, one of the main antagonists of the film will be the supervillain Black Manta , whose first appearance on the pages of comics took place in 1967. Over the past half century, the background of the blood enemy Aquaman has changed several times, but each time he remained the owner of a unique combat suit. In 2011, the publishing house DC Comics staged a massive reboot of their universe, dubbed The New 52 . From the new graphic novels about the inhabitants of the underwater world, readers have learned that Black Manta became obsessed with a thirst for revenge after Aquaman killed his father.


Over the past couple of weeks, Wang and casting experts have looked at many promising young actors for the role of Black Manta . As a result, the director liked Yahya Abdul-Marin II , who won a lot of flattering reviews for his role in the TV series Annealing. Since then, the actor's career has gone uphill. Recently, Yahya was considered one of the main contenders for the role of Lando Calrissian in the solo album Han Solo , and now he has an excellent opportunity to join another popular MCU.


According to insiders, the participation of Abdul-Marina II in the film Van can be considered almost a settled issue. The only thing left for the actor and studio representatives is to discuss some details of the contract. But if the name of Yahya is not yet well known to the general public, then another newcomer to the cast of " Aquaman " could be a Hollywood star of the first category.

The upcoming blockbuster promises to give viewers a meeting with the mother of Aquaman Atlanna . As with Black Manta , this heroine's story has changed several times. At first, the official canon claimed that the representative of the royal dynasty of Atlantis gave birth to Aquaman from the lighthouse keeper Tom Curry , but after a while the creators of the DC universe decided to make a father King of the Seven Seas wizard Atlan . However, in the reboot of The New 52 , they returned to the original version of the origin story of Aquaman .


The main contender for the role of Atlanna is Nicole Kidman . It is rumored that the deal with the Oscar-winning actress may be closed in the very near future. The Australian has already partnered with Warner Bros. on the adaptation of DC comics: in 1995, she played Chase Meridian in Batman Forever ".


Recall that the image of Aquaman in the upcoming film comics will return Jason Momoa , who made his debut in this role in the movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". Amber Heard will play the sea queen Meru , Willem Dafoe will appear as the scientist Nuidis Vulko , and Patrick Wilson will reincarnate as the insidious Stepbrother Aquaman - Orma Marius , nicknamed Lord of the Ocean .

Wang's team intends to start filming the film in April. The USA premiere of Aquamen is scheduled for October 4, 2018 .

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