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Patrick Wilson will play the villain in Aquaman


Patrick Wilson joins the cast of Aquaman, which is hosted by Warner Bors. plans to movie based on the DC comic book series. This is reported by the Deadline edition. The actor got the role of the half-brother of the protagonist named Orm, who, according to the mythology of the comics, is the opponent of Aquaman.

For a long time he envied the abilities of his powerful brother, since he did not inherit any of them. One day Orma was struck by amnesia, and he forgot about his former life and disappeared. After some time, he returned and, taking the nickname Lord of the Ocean, became the sea pirate with the highest technology. In one of the storylines, he even managed to capture Aquaman.

Recall that the main roles in the movie will be played by Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, and James Wang was listed as its director at the time of this writing. In early December 2016, it became known that Warner Bros. changed the rental schedule of "Aquaman". Instead of May 2018, the movie will be presented to viewers in October of the same year. The reasons for the postponement of the premiere were not specified.

Patrick Wilson has previously worked with Warner Bros. and even starred in her superhero movie project called The Guardians. The picture failed at the box office.

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Author: Jake Pinkman