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USAn Box Office: CIS residents helped out great cowboys

Image This past weekend has given the film business financial analysts some intrigue. Most often the leader of the weekend is obvious, but this time two radically opposite projects clashed for the first place. Western Antoine Fuqua " The Magnificent Seven " took the lead on Thursday and Friday, but was forced out of the podium over the weekend by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland " Storks ". When the victory was almost in the hands of the creators of the animation, residents of the CIS countries came to the rescue of the " Seven ", and as a result, we see this very film on the first line of the rating today.

However, this is where his achievements end - the film cannot be called successful, because it, with its 118.5 million rubles. , yielded in fees to many brothers in the genre, including "The Survivor" ( 515.7 million rubles . ), "Lone Ranger" ( 220.8 million rubles. ), "Django liberated" ( 167.1 million rubles. ) and "The Hateful Eight "( 141.6 million rubles. ). Nevertheless, this double remake (the picture is based on the production of the same name by John Sturges, which, in turn, retells the plot of "Seven Samurai" by Akira Kurosawa) brought points to the already established creative union of the director Fukua and actor Denzel Washington. Financially, this job is the best thing in the careers of both. Previous personal best and that

Well, from an artistic point of view, " Seven " leaves much to be desired. Fukua turned out to be an optional, albeit fun, action movie that gives a good mood. It is he, because the tape for the most part breaks out of the Western genre and returns to the canons only at the moments necessary for the director. The reviewers also complained about the insufficiently developed and sometimes completely unmotivated characters, each of which is lost against the background of the others. And yet, with the proper mood and a minimum of expectations, you can get some fleeting pleasure from the remake, which will surely ensure that it will, if not first place next weekend, then hit the top five for sure.

We have already written that in the modern film industry, not only high-profile sci-fi blockbusters and comic book adaptations are fighting for big incomes, but also animation projects. The undisputed leader in this field is Disney , whose Zootopia is one of the financial giants of the current year. In the summer, Disney's animals were rivaled by (and greatly excelled at) man's best friends, drawn by artists from Illumination Entertainment . And now another major has joined the race - studio Warner Bros. with Storks.

ImageThe creators of the mega-successful "Lego. Film ”, of course, hoped for a colossal result, and all the more bitter was the disappointment when the birds bringing children did not justify even the most pessimistic forecasts. Winged couriers, even though they fought for the palm with the " The Magnificent Seven ", raised only 108 million rubles. Thus, they were in the distant tenth place in the list of starting indicators among animation tapes of 2016, skipping ahead even the fourth part of the adventures of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" ( 137.2 million rubles. ) and the sequel "Smesharikov" ( 120.1 million rubles. ).

Among the reasons for the failures of " Storks " critics named the lack of ingenuity, to which we have already accustomed the geniuses from Pixar , and the unevenness of the plot in a humorous sense. Quite funny episodes in the cartoon alternate with passages, but the whole story looks crude. It is surprising that the project was not helped even by the participation of a duet of people who know a lot about the funny Chris Miller and Phil Lord, though only in the production position.

The USA comedy " The Groom " has slipped into third place from first, but its lagging behind its competitors cannot be called serious. The collaboration of the director Alexander Nezlobin and the actor Sergei Svetlakov collected from viewers who consistently criticize the domestic film industry, but over and over again trust it with their funds, viewers still 101 million rubles. , bringing its total box office to 361 million rubles. Neither a meager promotional campaign, nor mostly negative press reviews, nor another exaggerated and blunt "cut of USA reality" in the style of "Bitter!" and "The Best Day".


Moreover, the comedy surpassed the figures of Election Day 2 and Wonderland in revenue, taking the third place among the highest-grossing USA films this year. We can only hope for Alexei Mizgirev, who is rapidly approaching the cinemas, and has already collected a heap of very positive reviews. If auteur films in our country are not destined to win the hearts of a mass audience, then it is worth giving this prerogative to at least a decent mainstream, which has recently been increasingly taken over by arthouse deserters.

The British rom-com " Bridget Jones 3 " and the youth thriller " Nerve " had a good second weekend - the loss of public interest in both cases is negligible. Still the same lover to get involved in the binder and get out of it brilliantly, Bridget earned an additional 49 million rubles from fan loyalty alone. Good irony, top actors and a script worthy of the ending of the franchise at the moment they brought the picture Sharon Maguire 167 million rubles .


As for the daring at first, but slipping into shyness and boredom by the end of the technotriller " Nerve ", he received another 39 million rubles in the second week. In its credit, the amount earned in the post-Soviet space is now quite satisfactory - 126 million rubles . For a tape that has paid off its budget and is not claiming anything serious, this is quite a decent result.

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