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US box office succumbed to cowboys' onslaught

Image Last weekend ( September 23-25 ), the biographical drama " Miracle on the Hudson ", which led the North American box office for two weeks in a row, lost the palm to a completely different genre - Western " The Magnificent Seven ".

And although now viewers are quite skeptical about all kinds of remakes and sequels, Antoine Fuqua managed to earn $ 35 million in the first week. Distributors were counting on more, but the studio MGM , which only recently lost millions due to the failure of Ben-Hur, is certainly happy with such a result of the western.

So far, journalists find it difficult to guess how much the new "Magnificent Seven" will eventually collect. The picture should definitely cross the mark of $ 100 million , but whether it will be able to enrich itself by $ 130 million is still an open question. Western in modern cinema is not a very common genre, and if "The Unforgiven" and "Django Unchained" were successful at the box office, then "The Lone Ranger" and "Jane Takes a Gun" could not find their audience.


The Magnificent Seven Fukua was liked by moviegoers who gave the tape an A- rating, but the critics did not welcome the remake so well. According to them, the director made a solid blockbuster with a talented cast, but he is unlikely to be able to leave a mark on the history of cinema, as the original did.

The second place was taken by another rental debutant - the animation film " Storks " with the result of $ 21.8 million . The film was supposed to start at $ 30 million , but the limited audience prevented it from reaching the projected mark. Studio Warner Bros. rarely pleases moviegoers with cartoons, leaving this destiny to Disney and DreamWorks . However, after the success of Lego. Films ”the major is seriously thinking about returning to animation.


It is difficult to say yet whether storks will be as successful as talking designers, but the budget for the new cartoon was $ 70 million , which means the tape of Doug Sweetland and Nicholas Stoller you will have to make every effort to pay off at the box office. If we focus on audience reviews, then "Storks" may well get a sequel, although the reviewers in their assessments were divided into two camps. Some considered the project fun, but designed for children, while others lacked witty jokes and dynamic plot.


The leader of last week, the drama "Miracle on the Hudson" , has dropped to the third position. Painting Clint Eastwood has added an additional $ 13.8 million to its piggy bank, and now its total result is $ 92.4 million . As with the The Magnificent Seven , the main factor behind the film's success was its strong cast, led by Tom Hanks.


On the fourth line was " Bridget Jones 3 " - the film ended the weekend with a score of $ 4.5 million . In the United States, the tape has earned only $ 16.5 million , but outside of America, rom-com feels much better - there he already has $ 67.1 million . The fans of the franchise were certainly pleased with the new part, but there were also those who considered the play of Renee Zellweger to be the only value of the picture.


Closing the top 5 of the US box office is the biographical drama " Snowden ", which over the past weekend replenished its box office by $ 4.1 million . The film Oliver Stone lost 47% of its audience in a week, and now its total is $ 15.1 million . Considering the controversial subject matter of the picture and the considerable number of positive reviews, such figures cannot be considered a failure, but the tape has not yet paid off its budget of $ 40 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman