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Death Walkers Greet You

Image The author of the plot of the Oscar-winning "Gladiator" is ready to return to the arena of the Colosseum . As reported by Deadline , writer David Franzoni will join forces with Stephen David Entertainment on a multi-part drama about the fearless Roman warriors.

The tremendous success of the TV series about Spartacus proved that the stories of gladiatorial battles continue to enjoy immense popularity among viewers. The Franzoni project, called " Colosseum " ( Colosseum ), will tell about the life of not only fighters, but also influential Romans, who often used slaves in as pawns in their political games.

The Colosseum was an insane machine that worked to produce spectacle, hope and death, said David . -In the script for this series, I will try to uncover the secrets of arena workers, trainers, slaves and patrons of gladiators. Together they were the shadow society that actually ruled Rome”.


Franzoni will also take over the production functions with Stephen David and Dirk Hogstroy, who already have successful television experience. The first had a hand in the creation of the documentary-fiction saga "The Making of the Mob: New York" ( The Making of the Mob: New York ), and the second once held a leading position on the History. It was with the active participation of Hogstry that the cable network began producing TV series and aired the historical drama Vikings ( Vikings ).

The Colosseum team hopes to start filming at Stephen David Entertainment 's New Zealand studio as early as next year, while producers are looking for a home for their intriguing project on American air and cable channels.


Franzoni plans to work on the biopic of the famous Persian poet Jalaladdin Muhammad Rumi, in which he would like to invite Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. to the main roles.

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