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DiCaprio and Downey Jr. can play Persian sages

Image At the beginning of this year, Leonardo DiCaprio admitted that he would be interested in embodying the images of Vladimir Putin, Grigory Rasputin and Vladimir Lenin, and now the actor can also turn his gaze to a cult figure in the history of the Muslim world.

In an interview with The Guardian , Oscar-winning screenwriter and producer David Franzoni announced that he is working on a film about the famous Persian sage and poet Jalaladdin Muhammad Rumi . To collect material for the biographical drama, Franzoni and producer Stephen Brown ("Seven", "The Devil's Advocate") have already visited the Sufi Museum in the Turkish city of Konya, and also met with historians and art specialists Rumi .

Franzoni wrote the plots of such historical films as Amistad and King Arthur, but he is best known for his work on Gladiator. In 2001, he lost the Best Original Screenplay to Cameron Crowe with his tragicomedy Almost Famous, but as a producer, David won an award for best film of the year. According to Franzoni , the role of Rumi would be best done by DiCaprio , and in the image of a loyal friend of the protagonist, philosopher Shams Tabrizi, the creators of the biopic would like see Robert Downey Jr. .


Fans of the creativity of DiCaprio and Downey Jr. can only hope that the actors in the very near future will somehow react to the invitation to star in the film about Rumi ... Filming is expected to begin next year, but Franzoni has not yet specified which Hollywood studio is ready to provide financial support to the project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman