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”On the Milky Way” by Emir Kusturica. Fantasy Trailer

Image For a long time Emir Kusturica did not spoil us with his directorial work. Fascinated by music, he successfully tours with his band The no smoking orchestra , and we saw the last full-length film of the maestro already in 2008. However, the cult Serb has a surprise for us - in the new drama " Along the Milky Way " he not only directs the filming, but is also one of the two main stars of the project.

If you believe the trailer, the plot of the new film Kusturica is based on real events and wild imagination, however, as always with the director. The viewer is once again immersed in the Bosnian conflict of the 90s and looks at him through the eyes of Bones , who delivers milk to the war zone. However, as in the painting "Life as a Miracle", for Emir the story of human relations, which unfolds against the background of a senseless and merciless war, is more important. Kostya falls in love with a beautiful Serbian woman of Italian descent, who, not only has already been promised to his brother-in-law as his wife, but also hides from the military who are looking for her. Will a milkman who believes in miracles be able to save his beloved woman and prevent circumstances from separating them?

Along the Milky Way
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Judging by the promo video, the 62-year-old pacifist director still has something to say, because, although the Yugoslav conflict may seem like an exhausted topic, in the modern world it is more relevant than ever. In addition, " Along the Milky Way " is full of the crown black humor of Emir , who also acted here as a screenwriter, a special southeastern flavor, magical realism and a drop of absurdity, as well as of course, juicy folk-rock music. By the way, the soundtrack for the film was written by the filmmaker's son Stribor Kusturica, and in the frame, along with the ageless Serb, the diva herself shines - the magnificent Monica Bellucci.

A magnificent wedding with fireworks and machine-gun bursts, a friendly donkey and a flock of colorful macaws, military spies and true love, USA viewers will see on January 12, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman