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Kate Winslet is ready to confide in Idris Elba

Image Kate Winslet is ready to lean on the strong male shoulder of Idris Elba and entrust his own life to him. According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , the Oscar-winning actress is in talks to get one of the main roles in the drama " Mountains Between Us ".

The painting will be based on the book of the same name by Charles Martin. The latest script was written by Chris Weitz (Golden Compass) and directed by Hani Abu Assad (Heaven Now).

The main characters of the original are a man and a woman, whom fate brought together under strange circumstances. Ashley ( Winslet ) is flying to his own wedding, and surgeon Ben ( Elba ) returns home from a professional conference. After their flight is canceled due to bad weather conditions, they are forced to find a charter plane. During the flight, the aircraft crashes, and two strangers find themselves alone among the snow-capped mountains. Together they will have to overcome many obstacles and try to do the impossible - to survive ...


Kate Winslet was nominated for the Oscar seven times, and her role in the drama "The Reader" earned her the coveted statuette. This year, the actress could be seen in the crime thriller "Three Nines", and in December will premiere the film "Side Effect of Beauty" starring Kate and Will Smith in the lead roles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman