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Casting: The Oedipus Complex and Problems of Self-Determination

Image According to the information portal Deadline , Penelope Cruz and Edgar Ramirez signed up to shoot in a project called Love Child ( "Child of love" *). The director's chair was entrusted to Todd Solondz, who was behind the creation of Dachshund, one of the best indie dramas of the past year, and the comedy Welcome to the Dollhouse.

The new painting is a modern take on the classic problem of the Oedipus complex. The protagonist of the story is an 11-year-old Junior who has high hopes on Broadway and is attracted to his own mother Immaculode . After the boy sets up an accident that almost brings his abusive father to the grave, he incites the handsome Nacho , who lives in the family's guest house, to hit on the Immaculada . When two adults fall in love, Junior becomes overwhelmed with jealousy and begins to prepare an insidious plan to send Nacho to jail.

Penelope Cruz is currently filming the new Murder on the Orient Express, and not so long ago, the actress also completed work on the crime drama Escobar.


As for Ramirez , he last appeared on the big screens in the thriller Girl on the Train and the drama Gold, and also managed to star in the fantasy action movie Brightness for Netflix .


Zoe Saldana (Star Trek) will star in the action movie Hummingbird ( Hummingbird *), led by Swedes Markus Kriller and Fredrik Ockerstrom. The script for the film, written by John McClane, was once even included in the infamous Black List . The plot revolves around an assassin who, during her last mission, doubts who she really is.


Dermot Mulroney ("Groom for Rent") will accompany Idris Elba and Kate Winslet on the set of the drama " Mountains Between Us ", which is in development at Fox 2000 for several years. Hani Abu-Assad ("Paradise - Now") will take the director's chair of the film, and it will be based on the bestseller of the same name by Charles Martin. The film tells the story of a surgeon and a writer who manage to survive a plane crash. Finding themselves alone in the snow-capped mountains, wounded and without hope for help, two strangers suddenly fall in love.

* -preliminary translation.

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