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Casting: the evil troll and would-be protector

Image Already at the end of June, Steven Spielberg will begin work on the film " Ready Player One ", but in the meantime, the film's cast continues to grow. According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , TJ Miller ("Deadpool") joined the project team.

The actor's colleagues on the set will be Ty Sheridan, Olivia Cook, Simon Pegg, Ben Mendelssohn and Mark Rylance.

The tape, based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Kline, will tell the story of ateenager ( Sheridan ) who enters the fight against dangerous opponents in the virtual game OASIS . Competitors are ready to bite each other's throats, because the creator of the game ( Rylance ) bequeathed all his huge fortune to the one who will be the winner.


Miller will play the annoying guy with the nickname i-R0k trolling on the game's online forums.

Michael Angarano ("Red State"), Melissa Benoist ("Supergirl" / Supergirl ), Allison Jenny ( "Tammy") and Ed O'Neill ("American Family" / Modern Family ) will take part in the filming of the comedy Sun Dogs , which will be directed debut of actress Jennifer Morrison. The screenplay was written by Anthony Tambakis ("The Warrior").


The film will focus on a young loser Ned ( Angarano ), who has tried several times to get into the navy to serve his country. When the guy's last interview fails, he takes the advice to "protect the rear" too literally and turns his attention to the casino manager, who may turn out to be the head of a terrorist group. With the support of Tally ( Benoist ), Ned is organizing his own anti-terrorism team.


Thora Burch (The Pit) will accompany Adrienne Grenier and Mimi Rogers on the set of the political thriller Public Affairs . The director's chair of the project will be taken by Eric Bross ("In Touch").

Not much is known about the plot of the tape.The film will focus on a young assistant to a presidential candidate who made a terrible mistake - he slept with the boss's wife. This rash act dragged the guy into the abyss of corruption and blackmail. Burch will play the childhood friend of the protagonist, who makes a living by bringing out the scandalous details of politicians' personal lives.

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Author: Jake Pinkman