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WB Reveals Justice League Secrets

Image After the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" was seriously hit by critics, around the cinematic universe DC there were a lot of various rumors. The management of the studio Warner Bros. decided to put an end to speculation about the progress of work on the superhero blockbuster "Justice League ", inviting journalists to his set.

Spoiler alert!

According to Collider , the studio bosses have given up on the idea of splitting the " Justice League " in two. The producers assure that the new film by Zack Snyder will be a coherent and complete story. This decision of the WB bosses can only be welcomed, because the box office receipts of many of the latest Hollywood blockbusters make it clear that many viewers no longer want to pay money for films that the film companies divide into several parts for profit.

A lot of the criticism of Batman v Superman was due to the fact that the creators of the franchise tried to tie together too many storylines of the members of the Justice League . The producers listened and now expect to shoot their new superhero films in such a way that the average viewer perfectly understands what is happening on the screen, even if he has never been familiar with either comics or the DC MCU. At the same time, the studio intends to preserve the tradition of leaving pleasant Easter eggs for true connoisseurs of graphic novels.


As expected, the leadership of the major immediately responded to accusations of excessive gloom and pretentiousness of the story about the confrontation between Batman and Superman . Producer Deborah Snyder was quick to announce that the franchise's darkest phase has already passed. Even during a short visit to the set of " Justice League ", the journalists managed to make sure that the characters became much more alive, and a fair amount of humor appeared in the dialogues.

Studio WB has also confirmed the identity of one of the film's main antagonists. The debut of the supervillain Steppenwolf in the DC universe took place in 1972 in the graphic novel " The New Gods ". It is this story of the famous comic book author Jack Kirby that the creators of the upcoming blockbuster call one of the main sources of their inspiration. It is curious that Steppenwolf was supposed to be presented to fans of the cinematic universe in the form of a hologram already in " Batman v Superman ", but a fragment with his participation was cut out from the theatrical version. The Snyder team considered using him as a post-credits scene, but in the end they did not want to follow the example of competitors from Marvel . As a result, the excerpt with the villain was posted on the Web by the management of the film company right during the rental of the tape.


Steppenwolf will lead an army of parademons that viewers may have seen in Bruce Wayne 's nightmare scene in Batman v Superman . The villain will come to Earth in order to pick up Mother Boxes - extraterrestrial supercomputers with amazing abilities. Justice League is expected to open with an opening scene inspired by the Lord of the Rings prologue, which will shed light on how these artifacts ended up on our planet. One of the Mother's boxes went to the inhabitants of Atlantis, another fell into the hands of the Amazons, and the third was given to people. Rumor has it that during this scene, the audience will see the thunderer Zeus . It is worth noting that Motherboxes have already appeared in the MCU DC : Using one of them, Cyborg gained its abilities. The costume of this hero will be almost completely created using computer graphics.

In all its glory, Flash will also appear on screens. According to journalists, in " Batman v Superman " viewers could only appreciate the prototype of his costume, which Barry Allen secretly made on a 3D printer of the space agency NASA . Insiders do not exclude that Wayne Technologies will help the fastest man on Earth get a couple of valuable upgrades. Batman and Wonder Woman will also be making minor adjustments. In total, Justice League costume designers had to create clothes for three thousand actors, two hundred of whom were given roles with words.


It is the hunt for Steppenwolf for Mother Boxes that may be the reason why Batman will have to assemble a team of Earth's greatest superheroes. According to Ben Affleck, in order to implement this venture, his hero will have to learn to trust people. The events of Batman v Superman helped the The Dark Knight quell his anger and rage, allowing viewers to see a more ironic side to his character in future MCU films.

As for Superman , the producers have so far declined to comment on his role in the plot. Insiders speculate that Man of Steel will join the DC superhero team in the final third of the film. The journalists were lucky that their visit to the set fell on J.K.'s first working day. Simmons. The actor was seen wearing the classic James Gordon look - hat, coat and glasses. It is not excluded that Gordon will have to actively participate in the action, because it is not for nothing that the 61-year-old Oscar winner gained fantastic physical shape for the role of Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department.


The filmmakers also did not make a big secret from the role of Willem Dafoe. The actor will embody the image of Nuidis Vulko , who in the original comics was a faithful adviser to Aquaman and the main scientific advisor of Atlantis. Deborah Snyder also denied recent rumors that due to the divorce from Johnny Depp, the performer of the role of the queen of the underwater world, Amber Heard, will leave the project.

The guests of the Justice League set had a chance to see one of the film's most ambitious sets - the Bruce Wayne hangar. The Dark Knight will not only improve the Batmobile , but will also expand his collection of vehicles with a huge flying ship Flying Fox and Nightcrawler , which with the help of four paws will climb into the most inaccessible places. According to the production designers, the arachnid device was designed by Thomas Wayne for military purposes. Nightcrawler will be featured in a massive action scene set in the tunnel between Gotham and Metropolis.


The blockbuster team, led by Zach Snyder , is set to work in London all summer, followed by a visit to Los Angeles. The 111-day filming period for the comic strip is slated to end in mid-October.

The USA premiere of Justice League is scheduled for November 16, 2017 .

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