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Will Jeff Bridges become a Justice League villain?

Image The title of one of the most anticipated films of this year belongs to the blockbuster " Justice League: Part 1 ". Although an on-screen meeting of DC 's greatest superheroes is just around the corner, Warner Bros. is reluctant to share with viewers the details of the plot of the comic strip by Zack Snyder.

Originally intended to be a two-part blockbuster, Justice League ended up making two relatively stand-alone films about the Earth Defenders team. Soon after, there were rumors that each of them would get their own antagonist. In the first part of " Justice League " Batman , Wonder Woman , The Flash , Aquaman and Cyborg will be opposed by Steppenwolf , which debuted in the MCU DC in a deleted scene from last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Kieran Hinds will create the image of a supervillain using motion capture technology.

Batman v Superman also gave viewers a hint that Justice League members will soon face Steppenwolf's nephew - Darkseid b>. Back in the day, IGN ranked the brutal planetary ruler Apokolips sixth on its list of the 100 Greatest Supervillains in Comic Book History.


It is possible that Darkseid is destined to become the main villain of the second film about the League . Inquisitr shares rumors that Warner Bros. would like to see the antagonist of Jeff Bridges as their antagonist. Previously, the Oscar-winning actor has already played the bad guy in the Marvel cinematic universe: in the film "Iron Man" he embodied the image of Obadaya Stein .

At first, Warner Bros. studio intended to shoot two films about the superhero team at the same time, but then chose to postpone work on the second part in order to allow Ben Affleck to direct the solo album of Batman . Such an early casting start for the role of Darkseid may indicate that the film company is going to present the villain to the public for the first time in its November blockbuster.


The premiere of the tape " Justice League: Part 1 " will take place on November 16 .

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