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Waiting for Waiting

Image One of the most famous Internet memes of the Runet is ready to become the main character of the animated series! According to the city news agency " Moscow ", the USA company CD Land acquired the rights to use the brand “ Zhdun” from the Dutch artist Margrit van Brifort ".

The sculptureHomunculus loxodontuswas created last spring for the Leiden University Medical Center and symbolized a patient waiting in line to see a doctor. The amazing creature Brifort quickly gained popularity on the Web and received a very apt nickname from Runet users Zhdun .

According to representatives of CD Land , many large companies have already expressed a desire to make Zhduna an advertising face for their products. Soon, the Internet star will also have a chance to win the hearts of viewers.


One of the leading commercial animation companies has acquired the rights to shoot an animated series with Zhdun from us,” admitted the head of CD Land Yuri Tseitlin .

The head of the USA company has not yet begun to go into the details of the transaction and say what audience the cartoons will be designed for. Only one thing is clear: in the near future Waiting is clearly not in danger of losing his frenzied popularity.

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Author: Jake Pinkman