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Kirsten Dunst will cover with a glass cover

Image Kirsten Dunst has decided to supplement her resume with a full-length directorial project and has already chosen a film for her debut in this field. According to the site Deadline , the actress will lead the filming of the film The Bell Jar ( Under a Glass Jar *) - the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Sylvia Plath.

The script for the future film Dunst was written with Nelly Kim, and the main role in the film adaptation will be played by Dakota Fanning. It is noteworthy that the work of Plath has already been filmed - in 1979, a film by director Larry Pearce was released.

Esther Greenwood is a smart, beautiful, incredibly talented and successful girl. She gets the opportunity to do an internship at the editorial office of a New York magazine, but upon returning home to Boston, Esther begins to go a little crazy. Plath 's novel is considered partly autobiographical - the plot of the book guesses events from the life of Sylvia herself, connected with her suicide attempt in 1953.


Kirsten Dunst was nominated for an Emmy this year for her performance in the TV series Fargo ( Fargo ). Previously, the actress has already tried her hand at directing - she directed the filming of two short films, the dramas "Welcome" and "Bastard", which attended international film festivals.

* -preliminary translation.

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