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Patricia Arquette prepares for directorial debut

Image It often happens that famous and well-known actors decide to stand on the other side of the camera and try themselves in a new field. Ben Affleck, Ralph Fiennes, George Clooney, Mel Gibson, James Franco, Angelina Jolie and many others at one point realized that they were ready not only to play a role, but also to direct the film on their own. Of course, not everyone and not always succeed, but the desire to learn and do something new in any case deserves respect.

This time Oscar winner Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) decided to join the cohort of actors-directors. For her debut feature film, she chose the drama Love Canal *, based on the Will Buttersby documentary.

The script was written by Brad Dash, known for his film Fathers and Daughters. The plot focuses on an amazing group of housewives who lived in the now defunct community of Love Canal, New York State. In the 1970s, due to toxic chemical waste being dumped into a nearby canal, there were frequent cases of cancer and the birth of children with various defects in this place. Without any training or support, a group of women managed to bring the issue to the attention of the government. President Jimmy Carter declared a state of emergency at Love Canal and ordered the resettlement and compensation of more than 800 families. Patricia Arquette and Will Battersby will also act as producers of the film. The film will be produced by TriStar studios with the participation of Safehouse and 3 Arts.


Arquette will soon be filming an eight-part Showtime project Escape at Dannemora, where she will star alongside Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano. In addition, the film adaptation of Sylvia Plath's novel Under a Glass Jar with Dakota Fanning in the title role is among the actress's future films. But he will stage a picture by Kirsten Dunst, for which the tape will also become a full-length directorial debut.

* - preliminary translation.

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