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Trump election to be filmed

Image Three months have passed since the 2016 US presidential election, which was won by businessman, billionaire and showman Donald Trump, and discussions about this have not subsided to this day. As reported by THR , Mark Boal Writer and Megan Ellison Producer will join forces on a project dedicated to the event. The format of the future political drama is a mini-series for 8-10 hours.

The last year's presidential elections will undoubtedly be a topic of gossip and discussion for a long time to come. First, the eccentric Republican candidate Donald Trump was a regular media hero even before the election. Secondly, his election campaign has more than once become the object of ridicule by professional political scientists. Third, most analysts predicted a victory for the Democratic representative, Hillary Clinton. Given the professionalism of Mark Boal , there is no doubt that he will include in his script a lot of unknown facts about the behind the scenes of the pre-election race.


Oscar-winning Mark Boal is best known for his lyrics to Catherine Bigelow's films, The Hurt Locker and Target One. He also acted as a playwright for an as-yet-unnamed project on the 1967 racial riots in Detroit. The film was again directed by Bigelow . Three-time Academy Award nominee Megan Ellison has worked as a producer on major projects such as Target One , American Scam and Iron Grip.

Given that both the producer and writer have already collaborated with Katherine Bigelow , it is possible that they will persuade the director to take part in the creation of the mini-series. In any case, there are no projects on the Bigelow schedule yet, except for the film about the riots in Detroit.

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Author: Jake Pinkman