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Four Horsemen Prepare New Tricks

Image Last May, Lionsgate studio management expressed confidence in the future of the Illusion of Deception franchise, announcing the start of work on its third part even before the second one hits the screens. This summer, the sequel did not delight the film press and earned only $ 65 million in North America. As often happens in recent years, viewers from Asia came to the rescue of the Hollywood tape. With their active participation, " Illusion of Deception 2 " managed to complete the worldwide rental with a result of $ 334.9 million , which allowed it to more than recoup its $ 90 million budget. After that, it became obvious that the creation of the triquel would be just a matter of time.

Edition Deadline reports that the studio management still intends to listen to critics who were not greatly impressed by the plot of the second part. Ed Solomon and Pete Chiarelli will be replaced by Neil Widener and Gavin James as scriptwriters for the third film. Last year, the young writers began work on the thriller "Battle for Alcatraz " about one of the most famous attempts to escape from the famous maximum security prison, and this February they were hired by New Line to create the plot of the sequel to the disaster movie "San Andreas Rift".

Illusion of Deception 2 director John M. Chu is expected to return to directing the third film about the illusionist team, Four Horsemen .


Sources close to the leadership of Lionsgate claim that in addition to the triquel, the studio has another film in the franchise in development. The first two parts of " Illusions of Deception " proved to be so popular in China that the Hollywood company decided to join forces with Beijing-based Leomus Pictures on a spin-off of the film series. The action of the so far unnamed film will unfold in the Middle Kingdom, and the stars of Asian cinema will be invited to the main roles in it.

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