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John Chu will continue to show tricks

Image Last May, we wrote that Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer announced his desire to film the third part of " The Illusion of Deception ". There are still two months before the premiere of the sequel to the action-packed thriller, and the studio bosses are already ready to launch the triquel into production. As reported by Variety , the director of the second film about the adventures of magicians from the Four Horsemen team - John Chu will retain the director's chair for Illusions of Deception 3 .

Following the conclusion of The Hunger Games, Lionsgate is desperate for a lucrative film series. Did not add positive emotions to the heads of the studio and the recent failure of the tape "Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the Wall", after which they were forced to significantly reduce the cost of producing the final part of the dystopia. The continued collaboration with John Chu on the triquel " Illusions of Deception " makes it clear that the film company sees solid box-office potential in the magic franchise.


In 2013, " Illusion of Deception " earned $ 351 million at the worldwide box office with a budget of $ 75 million , but director Louis Leterrier did not return to work on continuation. In the hands of John Chu almost all of the great cast of the original film passed, and after a while Lionsgate managed to secure the participation in the sequel of another big screen star - Daniel Radcliffe.


The Illusion of Deception 2 will be released in USA on June 9 , but in the meantime, viewers can while away the time in anticipation of one of the loudest premieres of this summer watching a fascinating trailer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman