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Hugh Jackman will sing in the star quintet

Image Hugh Jackman , Naomi Watts , Rose Byrne and Ben Mendelssohn join actress Margot Robbie and director Tim Minchin on the job over an animated musical entitled " Young Hooligans ", reports Deadline . In a comedy project by DreamWorks Animation Margot voices the wild dog Dingo , and Tim writes the music for the upcoming production.

The plot of the animated comedy will develop around a marsupial badger called Bilby , who has lived all his life in a hole under a stone with his family. One day the parents of Bilby will stop putting up with the aimless, motionless existence of their offspring and will send him to all four sides. In the outside world, the animal is waiting for an occupation fundamentally opposite to a calm sitting of life - Bilby will meet wandering musicians and go with them on an exciting journey through the Australian wilderness ...

The script for the production has already been written by Harry Cripps, but the names of the characters who will be voiced by the newly arrived actors have not yet been disclosed. It can be assumed, however, that Hugh Jackman will give the main character a voice. As for the director, Minchin , being a comedian-musician, is known for his comedy songs and extravagant shows. Outside Australia, Tim is known to fans of Californication . Chris Miller helps Minchin as a director. The most famous works of the latter are "Shrek the Third" and "Puss in Boots".


The film " Young Hooligans " should hit USA screens on February 22, 2018 .

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