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Universal is filming Gears of War

Image The video game Gears of War will nevertheless move to the big screens: according to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the rights to its film adaptation were acquired by the studio Universal Pictures . The project will be produced by Scott Stuber ("Spy One and a Half") and Dylan Clark ("Rise of the Planet of the Apes").

Gears of War is one of the most popular video game series in the world. First released in 2006, the game became a real sensation. According to Microsoft , which has owned the brand since 2014, Gears of War now has 45 million users and currently has sales of 27 million copies.

The game is set on the planet Sera, and the central characters are soldiers from the elite squad Delta , designed to protect the population from the ruthless Horde of Locust .


Hollywood producers have long tried to film Gears of War . Thus, the studio New Line had been developing a film for several years, the shooting of which was to be led by Len Wiseman. At the same time, Scott Stuber volunteered to be the producer of the film adaptation back in 2013, but since then there has been no progress in the implementation of the project idea.

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