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Fulfilling the Purpose. The Last Jedi Trailer

Image In light of the challenges Star Wars has faced over the past year, fans of the franchise are happy to hear that filming for Episode 8 went smoothly. Moreover, moviegoers were upset by the fact that Ryan Johnson did not want to travel further in a distant, distant galaxy. After watching the trailer, the fans' feelings become clear: apparently, the director managed to develop the story behind The Force Awakens.

Even before the trailer premiered, Johnson warned that the video could contain spoilers. The director was partly right, as the video finally sheds light on what movie fans should expect from the next part of the cult film series.

Luke Skywalker will apparently take over the training of Rey, who has awakened a powerful and frightening force. Those who were upset by the lack of action scenes with Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens, the trailer will especially delight the skirmish between the heroine Gwendoline Christie and Finn, and Snoke, after appearing in the seventh episode only as a hologram in the eighth, materializes in the flesh.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Dubbed Trailer

The trailer for The Last Jedi caused quite a stir on the Web. On the same day, a new movie poster was unveiled and ticket sales started. The demand for them was so high that the website Fandango, which specializes in e-commerce, experienced problems due to the huge influx of visitors.

USA viewers will be able to appreciate the efforts of Ryan Johnson and his team on December 14.

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