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Image Sony has already shot a film about talking sausages and other foodstuffs, and Full Raskolbas proved to be a very successful project. Now the turn has come to colored pencils - the major has acquired the rights to screen the children's book with pictures The Day the Crayons Quit . The portal The Tracking Board managed to find out about this exclusively.

The book, written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers , is about a box of pencils whose inhabitants one day decide to riot. They are tired of being underestimated and that their roles in this world are limited to certain colors.

For example, White has an existential crisis due to the fact that he is not visible on white paper. Black wants to be used not only for outlines, but also for the rainbow. Beige is tired of being on the sidelines after Brown , and Pink and Blue dream of a break from the dresses of fairy princesses and water bodies respectively. And finally, Orange and Yellow are incessantly arguing about what color the sun really is.


Back in 2014, Universal studio tried to transfer the book to screens. The project even had a script, but there was no progress in the work on it, and the rights to the book returned to its creators. It is now Sony 's task to find a suitable comedic writer who can adapt the literary source.

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Author: Jake Pinkman