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Sony will paint a magical world with purple chalk

Image Sony Pictures Animation is ready to make an excellent gift for young viewers. According to The Tracking Board , the animation studio intends to make a new attempt to bring the characters of Crockett Johnson's famous children's book Harold and the Purple Chalk to the big screen.

Work on the project started in early 2010, when Will Smith and James Lassiter were assigned to it as producers. The script for the cartoon undertook to write Josh Klausner ("Shrek Forever"), but in the end his manuscript landed on the shelf. Now the bosses of Sony Pictures Animation have finally decided to revive the project. The new version of the script is to be written by the popular author and illustrator of children's literature Dallas Clayton.

The book Johnson was published back in 1955. Its main character is the four-year-old Harold , who managed to create a fairy-tale world with the help of magical purple crayons. The children liked the story so much that soon new works about the adventures of an inquisitive little boy appeared.


The world of cinema and television has more than once opened its doors to the heroes of the famous book cycle. In 1959, based on its first part, the animated short "Harold and the Violet Crayon" was shot, and in 2001 the stories of Crockett Johnson formed the basis of the animated series of the same name, which won the daytime Emmy Award. / b>"in the category" Best Opening Title Design ".


Harold and the Purple Chalk Animation is expected to draw on the latest advances in computer animation for the full-length version of Harold and the Purple Crayon .

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