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American Dream from the Future

Image With TV series based on the Doomsday Night and Judge Dredd franchises in the works, and The Handmaid's Tale recently won several Emmy awards, dystopian dramas will continue to haunt TV producers for a long time. EuropaCorp, behind shows like Hostage and Carrier, has also decided to follow the trend.

According to the information portal Deadline, Luc Besson's company acquired the rights to film the satirical comic American Flagg !, written by Howard Cheikin and published in print back in the 1980s.

In 2031, chaos became the new world order. Interstate nuclear conflict, natural disasters and nationalism forced the American government to move to Mars. The only representatives of the law on Earth are the government rangers. Ruben Flagg was once a television star and played one of these Rangers on the series. Subsequently, Ruben was replaced by a hologram, and he himself was sent to protect Chicago, which now looks like a shopping center. In the company of the smartest cat in the world, the stupidest robot and the fair sex, the protagonist must keep the American dream or what is left of it ...


The original graphic novel touched on a variety of problematic topics, from the obsession with reality television and the crisis of opium addiction to the rise of neo-Nazism. At the moment, representatives of EuropaCorp are looking for directors and screenwriters for adaptation and already this year they plan to propose the project for consideration by television networks.

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Author: Jake Pinkman