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Jaws in the Clouds

Image In 1975, Steven Spielberg's Jaws changed the world of cinema forever. The horror about a bloodthirsty shark not only collected a huge box office at the box office, but also introduced the fashion for summer blockbusters. Unsurprisingly, the film became a source of inspiration for subsequent generations of filmmakers.

While Kevin Smith is seeking funding for his Elk Jaws project, titled Jaws on the Ground, another movie inspired by the iconic Spielberg is under preparation in Hollywood. This time, Jaws will move to the sky. E. Niemi wrote the script for the tape called Teratorn , and will lead the filming of Brent Ryan Green . It is reported that the idea has already attracted considerable interest from film studios.

The protagonist of the new project will be a professor who is afraid of heights. He will have to overcome his fear in order to go to a tropical island in the company of his ex-wife and daughter and defeat a flying predator, which until now was considered an extinct species.


The director of the film, Brent Ryan Green , is better known as a producer - among his most recent projects is the drama "The Silence" by Martin Scorsese. In terms of directing experience, Green has shot more than a dozen short films, and his full-length debut will be the action-adventure film Veil.

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Author: Jake Pinkman