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Fassbender in the Snow and Comic Gibson: Watch This Week

Image While Hollywood male stars continue to experience tremendous pressure, lose sleep and earn nervous breakdowns due to a loud sex scandal, like a cancer growing on the mighty body of the industry, law-abiding and not so media distributors calmly do their job. This week they will lure us into theaters with Michael Fassbender's charisma that can melt the thorny Norwegian snows, Mel Gibson as the mischievous grandfather, silently killing Antonio Banderas, the Oscar-nominated cartoon and the most controversial film at the Cannes Film Festival.

USA film distributors are pinning special hopes on the adaptation of the next novel by Jo Nesbe "The Snowman", in which, in addition to Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson and Charlotte Gainsbourg played. The project was directed by Thomas Alfredson, who in 2011 featured a sentimental story about friendship, love and fidelity called "Spy, Get Out!". This time it will be about murder, all-consuming fear and streams of blood in immaculate white snow. "The Snowman" tells the story of how detective Harry Hole undertook to catch a serial maniac, but instead found himself drawn into his terrible game with an unpredictable ending.

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Most of Fassbender's roles make viewers gasp with delight (unless this wonderful actor, of course, is forced to fight the Knights of the Knights Templar in front of a green screen), moreover, many colleagues in the shop openly admit that they hate Michael for his genius. So his participation alone is a sufficient reason for buying a ticket to the cinema. As for the film itself, the first reviews in the press do not inspire much hope. Apparently, when transferring the beautiful Scandinavian noir to the big screen, something went wrong, and as a result, instead of an invigorating thriller, it turned out to be a boring walk knee-deep in slush of bad decisions and cliches.

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Another potential flop for November is Comatose by director Nils Arden Oplev with Ellen Page and Diego Luna, which is a completely optional remake of the 1990 film of the same name, long forgotten by everyone. According to the plot, a group of medical students, obsessed with a secret death, start an experiment to stop their own hearts for a short time. Unfortunately, neither the talented director who once shot the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, nor the wonderful cast, managed to breathe new life into the old story. In the presence of a curious plot, the new "Flatulets" are completely lacking in drama, intrigue and any nostalgic motives. At the moment, none of the authoritative American critics from this picture has the heart not only did not stop, but did not even beat faster.

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Not only a bloody snowman from Norway, but also funny dads from the comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year!” Are called to remind about the rapid approach of winter. 2 ", continuation of the picture of 2015. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell returned to the main roles, but now they have brought along a strong support group in the person of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, and these masters will definitely add points to the tape at the box office. The plot of the comedy will again revolve around two dads (native and adopted), their responsibilities and the main family holiday, and the object of jokes this time will be the question of fathers (those with gray hair in their beards and a devil in their ribs) and their sons, who, on in fact, they are also fathers, but they still do not want to settle down. Whether it is worth admiring Will Ferrell's white panties from the big screen is a moot point, but as a typical American Christmas comedy to relieve the brain, this picture has definitely taken place. In addition, in the final, the creators promise some incredible cameo, for which, they say, it is worth watching the whole film ...

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The animation sector will be represented by one but noteworthy project, which is also the choice of LostFilm.INFO for the coming week. Longlisted for the Oscar, Coco's Secret is a poignant and detailed story about a 12-year-old Miguel who dreams of becoming a musician and went to the Land of the Dead for this. There is everything for which you can get a nomination for the main film award: a pleasing picture, a sensible plot, characters understandable to all viewers and a number of topics that can be discussed with the whole family. But the main thing is that this cartoon has a soul, and young viewers are sensitive to such things.

ImageMeanwhile director Simon Curtis, in 2011, attempted to understand life Marilyn Monroe in the film "7 Days and Nights with Marilyn" will present to the USA public a biographical tape about another famous person, although not so sexy. Farewell Christopher Robin will tell about the relationship between the writer Alan Alexander Milne and his son, as a result of which we got the brightest collection of mental disorders in the form of stories about the plush hedonist nicknamed Winnie the Pooh. However, the film will focus not only on his son, but also on Milne's creative destiny, his aspirations, ambitions and crises of the genre. Goodbye Christopher Robin is a great example of honesty about which demons are nightmares and wounds of the soul are born the best children's stories. And the first-class acting works of Margot Robbie and Donal Gleason, who are very much in the 20s of the last century, make the work of Simon Curtis out of the work of Simon Curtis, if not a masterpiece, but created conscientiously and touching the living biopic.

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Fans of cinema that evoke emotions of a different kind will also have plenty to choose from. For those who love shooting and fighting, distributors will release the thriller "Vow of Silence", in which the main character performed by Antonio Banderas will silently avenge the death of his wife and daughter. Viewers with a more discerning taste can be advised a new work by Joachim Trier - provocative, mesmerizing, intense drama "Thelma" with elements of the supernatural and horror. It tells the story of the love of two young virgins, which led to irreparable consequences. And finally, lovers of cinematography, knocking out the ground from under their feet, should appreciate the new film by Sergei Loznitsa "Gentle". Suffice it to say about him only that he was nominated in Cannes for the Palme d'Or, but at the same time caused a storm of indignation and indignation among the majority of visitors to the film show.

ImageSuch representatives of limited rental as the USA nostalgic one are hoping for their modest penny. comedy "Private pioneer 3. Hello, adult life!" with a good boy Semyon Treskunov, something incomprehensible, also domestic and not even funny, under the self-explanatory name "Kids for Rent" and a mysterious playful Italian "Mister Felicita" who will joke about sticky sushi and kisses with ears. Or vice versa. Not so important, because the mystery of this man, most likely, will remain unsolved by us. Finally, let us note the curious documentary film "Paris Opera", in bright colors and without hesitation in expressions describing the backstage of the ballet. If this topic is close to you, and you are ready to take your hand off the machine for a while and take off your pointe shoes, an unforgettable cocktail of ballet squabbles, complaints, professional strikes, persecution of newcomers, teacher pearls and live bulls awaits you in the cinema. But the main thing is that there will not be any Volochkova with her shameful twines in the middle of the brocade chambers.

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