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Casting: Space Experiments and the Deadly Snowman

Image Actress Taylor Schilling ("The Lucky") will join Sam Worthington and Tom Wilkinson on the set of the sci-fi movie The Titan ( The Titan * ), reports the portal Deadline .

The film will be based on the story of Arash Amel, which was adapted by Max Harwitz ("Hell on Wheels" / Hell on Wheels ). Lennart Raff will head the shooting of the project. Brian Cavanagh-Jones, Ben Pug, Rory Aitken and Amel will act as producers of the upcoming film.

The action of the film will unfold in the near future. The military family decides to take a bold step - they set off on a space journey to take part in an experiment that could open new horizons in the field of genetics. There is no information about who will play Schilling .

Filming for Titan is slated to start next month.


Chadwick Boseman , who will debut next year as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, has been cast as legendary lawyer Thurgood Marshall in the thriller Marshall( Marshall ). The director's chair of the project will be taken by Reginald Hadlin ("Fraudsters").

Marshall was the first African American to serve on the US Supreme Court. However, the film will tell about the earlier years of the lawyer's life, when before the Second World War Thurgood and the young lawyer Samuel Friedman got involved in a rather provocative case.


Charlotte Gainsbourg ("Nymphomaniac") is in negotiations for a role in the thriller The Snowman ( "Snowman" *), for which they managed to subscribe Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson. The film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jo Nesbe is directed by Thomas Alfredson ("Spy, get out!"), The script belongs to the pen of Matthew Michael Carnahan ("World War Z"). The main character of the film is an extraordinary detective from the Oslo police Harry Hole , who is tasked with investigating a case related to the disappearance of a woman. The only thing left of her is a pink scarf tied around a snowman in the yard. Harry believes he is tracking down a serial killer, dubbed by the press as Snowman ... Fassbender will play detective Hole ,
* -preliminary translation.

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