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Thor is ready to rock out

Image Next year, Marvel Studio will launch a new stage in the development of its cinematic universe. The contracts of a number of stars of the superhero franchise are coming to an end, and therefore many viewers fear that the fourth film about the adventures of the Avengers will put an end not only to the Third phase, but also to the history of many defenders of the Earth.

As IGN found out, one of the key actors in the MCU does not want to end his superhero career and is ready to make a new deal with Marvel. “A couple of days ago, I finished shooting the fourth part of The Avengers, - Chris Hemsworth admitted to reporters. -I have fulfilled my last obligations to the studio.

A couple of years ago, I thought, “There are still a couple of films left to do.” I enjoyed playing Thor, but at times I felt that I could not come off to the fullest. But then I was lucky enough to work with Taika Waititi on Ragnarok and the Russo brothers on two new Avengers films. My hero played with completely new colors. We were able to show the real evolution of the character, which is not often achieved in large-scale franchises. So now I am more energized and enthusiastic than ever. If given the chance, I will gladly return to the role of Thor in the Fourth Phase. "


A new meeting of viewers with the Thunderer from Asgard will take place on May 3, when the blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" will be released.

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