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Justin Lin will revive the Knight Rider

Image Since the TV series Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff was released in 1982, Hollywood producers have tried to continue the franchise more than once, and the audience did not always like the final result. In the early 90s, a couple of not very successful TV films were released, in 1997 - the spin-off "Knights of Justice" ( Team Knight Rider ), and after another 11 years the channel NBC launched a modern reboot, but the show only lasted one season.

According to the site Bleeding Cool , Knight Rider will now try to revive Justin Lin ("Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift", "Star Trek: Infinity" ) - Together with NBC Universal , YOMYOMF and Machinima , the filmmaker will create a web series based on the show from the 80s. Lin will act not only as the producer of the project, but also as its scriptwriter, but other details of the next reboot are currently kept secret.

Knight Rider is an iconic franchise. Her concepts of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles were considered fiction in the 80s, and are now scientific fact. We're thrilled to be working with Justin and introducing a new generation of viewers to Knight Rider , said Machinima CEO Chad E . Gatsteen.


The original series aired on NBC from 1982 to 1986 and featured former police officer Michael Knight who fought crime in the company of an artificial intelligence vehicle.

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