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Marvel Heroes Will Continue to Conquer TV Screens

Image Several years ago, Marvel reclaimed the rights to popular comic characters such as Blade , Ghost Rider , The Punisher and Daredevil . Soon the latter received his own series, which managed to gain immense popularity among viewers. In the second season of "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ), the audience was introduced to the Punisher , whose debut in the Marvel universe turned out to be so successful that the bosses of the studio and online service Netflix decided to devote a spin-off to it.

At the moment, Netflix has six series based on the comics of Marvel at different stages of work. Luke Cage and Iron Fist will soon be joining Daredevil , Jessica Jones and Punisher on screens, after which a team of guards Hell's Kitchen will come together in the Defenders "( The Defenders ). According to Movie Creed Live , Marvel may continue to work with Netflix on Blade , Ghost Rider and Moon Knight .


Rumors that Marvel is preparing a reboot of the " Blade " franchise emerged shortly after the rights to the evil hunter returned to its creators. Initially, insiders assumed that it could be a full-length film with Wesley Snipes. Last summer, the lead actor in the original trilogy confirmed that Marvel is working on a secret project about the vampire slayer. Soon thereafter, rumors spread throughout Hollywood that Snipes could mentor Fallon Gray as the successor to Blade in the new comic line Marvel . Since the studio has no plans to make films rated R yet,

As with Blade , moviegoers have already had the opportunity to meet Ghost Rider . The Dilogy with Nicolas Cage in the title role paid for the costs of its production, but the critics left no stone unturned. The bosses of Columbia Pictures were thinking about creating a triquel, but by that time Marvel already had sufficient financial resources to regain the rights to the popular character, which took 90th place on the list " IGN Top 100 Comic Book Characters. " At one time, the full-length version of "Daredevil" from 20th Century Fox was also crushed by critics, but that did not stop Marvel from rebooting the franchise in the form of a series.

Unlike Blade and Ghost Rider , Moon Knight hasn't been on screen yet. The first appearance of this character in the pages of Marvel comics took place in 1975. He managed to quickly gain popularity, after which the publishing house decided to devote his own series of graphic novels to him. The nickname Moon Knight is worn by Mark Spector , who during his life managed to be a boxer, marine and mercenary. During excavations in Egypt, he was mortally wounded, but was reborn thanks to the god Konshu , who endowed him with a number of unique abilities. In the comics, Moon Knight intersected with Defenders , which could greatly simplify his adaptation in the world of on-screen superheroes.

It should be noted that the official representatives of Marvel are in no hurry to confirm information about the expansion of their cooperation with Netflix .

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