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Casting: Obnoxious Lucy Liu and the Chicago Detective

Image The last time Lucy Liu appeared on the big screens in the action movie "Iron Fist", but after that the actress devoted almost all her time to filming in "Elementary" and dubbing the characters of various cartoons. New episodes of the procedural will not be released until the offseason, and therefore Lew has time for other projects, and one of them will be the comedy Set It Up of the online service Netflix b>.

Claire Scanlon's film focuses on two assistants, Harper and Charlie , who spend their prime years serving their bosses. Those, in turn, consider subordinates to be an empty place and force them to plow around the clock. The main characters complain to each other about obnoxious leaders and understand that if their bosses were not alone, they would have more free time. The plan of Harper and Charlie is to introduce the bosses and make them fall in love with each other. But what started as an innocent game will eventually lead to irreparable consequences.

Zoe Deutsch and Glen Powell will play the tired assistants, while Tay Diggs and Lucy Liu will play the role of their bosses. The latter's heroine, Kirsten Stevens , is described as a serious and successful sports writer.

Future films of Liu also include the drama Future World, and the actress was recently spotted on the set of Luke Cage, and is rumored to be heading up an episode of the hit show's second season. br />

Bruce Dern (Nebraska) and Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Gray) will accompany Shia LaBeouf on the set of The Peanut Butter Falcon . The script is written by Tyler Nilson and Mike Schwartz, who are also the directors of the project. The plot of the new tape will revolve around a crab catcher who goes on a journey with a guy suffering from Down syndrome. Their goal is to get into a professional wrestling school in North Carolina. Who will play in the film Johnson and Dern has not yet been announced.


Jason Patrick ("Wayward Pines") is ready to hunt Al Capone - the actor will take part in the filming of the tape In the Absence of Good Men . The project will take place in Chicago during Prohibition, when the number of criminal groups increased significantly. A violent war broke out between the Italian and Irish mafias, leading to the infamous Valentine's Day massacre, in which seven people were killed at the behest of Capone .

Patrick gets the role of the controversial detective Reed , who must catch the famous gangster. Milo Gibson will play Capone himself, and in addition to him, the cast of the film includes Sean Faris, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Peter Facinelli. Timothy Woodward Jr. will take the director's chair of the project. ("Exchange").

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