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Casting: The Perfect Husband and Obnoxious Boss

Image At the beginning of the year, it became known that the online service Netflix is preparing a post-apocalyptic thriller How It Ends for moviegoers, and its filming will start in Canada next month. According to the site Deadline , the star of the Divergent franchise Theo James will play the main role in the film.

The project will be directed by David M. Rosenthal (The Perfect Boyfriend), and the script, which was Blacklisted seven years ago, belongs to Brooks McLaren. According to the plot, a mysterious apocalyptic incident leads to complete chaos, in the center of which is a young father ( James ), ready to do anything to get home to his pregnant wife, who remained on the other side of the country.

While Lionsgate is finally deciding on the fate of the Divergent franchise, which is likely to hit the small screens, Theo James is signing up to various projects. Now he is busy filming the fantastic melodrama Zoe, and the thriller "Betrayal for Beginners" will also premiere this year, where James starred.


The replenishment also took place in another film, which is being prepared by the streaming service Netflix . Tay Diggs (Equilibrium) has joined the cast of the romantic comedy Set It Up . The main roles in the film are assigned to Zoey Deutsch and Glen Powell, and Claire Scanlon (American Family) will lead the shooting.

The events of the tape will revolve around two assistants plotting an insidious plan to get their obnoxious bosses to meet. Diggs in the film will play Rick - an extremely aggressive boss Charlie ( Powell ), who achieved success in business due to his character , but because of this has become unbearable in relation to subordinates.


Julia Roberts ("Erin Brockovich") is in talks to play in the new series of Sam Esmail, the creator of "Mr. Robot." The first information about the project called Homecoming appeared back in November. A political thriller based on the podcast of the same name, it tells about the employees of a secret government agency who find it difficult to return to everyday life. According to the script of Esmail himself, the show will focus on three people - a soldier, a social worker and her boss.

If negotiations with Roberts succeed, then the creators of the show will be able to offer their project to the channels and online services, and for the actress herself, the series may become the first significant role on TV.

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