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Fox will modernize King Arthur

Image Channel Fox decided to reinvent another classic story in a modern way. According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , the network, together with producers Gail Berman ("The Cape" / The Cape ) and Joe Earley, begins work on the TV series "Camelot" ( Camelot ), which will present King Arthur in an unusual role.

The new drama will reimagine the legendary tales of King Arthur in a procedural format. When ancient magic awakens in modern Manhattan, the graffiti artist Art is forced to seek help from his best friend Lance and his ex Gwen , who is also a cop ... The main character must fulfill his destiny and fight back the forces of evil that threaten the city.

The idea of creating the project belongs to novice authors Dan Fray and Zhu Sommer. They will not only write the script for the new series, but they will also share the role of executive producers with the mentioned Berman and Earley .


This is not the first time Fox is trying to modernize the classics - three years ago, the network successfully launched the series "Sleepy Hollow", which was renewed for a fourth season this year.

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