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The same Shooter. The Dark Tower Trailer

Image "The one who aims with his hand has forgotten his father's face ...". Finally, these iconic words Arrow will sound for king fans around the world from the big screen, but for now we can evaluate the first trailer for one of the most anticipated Hollywood long-term construction projects of recent years - The Dark Tower ... The ambitious project was directed by Dane Nikolai Arsel, and the main roles were played by Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

Viewers familiar with the cycle of Stephen King's novels will find in the presented video not only many familiar attributes of the Dark Tower universe, but also a number of certain discrepancies with the original. However, the creators of the project did not promise us a clean film adaptation, but rather announced a picture based on it.

The plot of the film focuses on an arrow named Roland Descene , who must find the Dark Tower and save it from destruction, otherwise all worlds will plunge into chaos. Together with the Shooter , the boy Jake , who once belonged to our world, is heading to the tower, and the main antagonist of the story is, like King, the Man in Black , which is known to be much worse than the Devil.

The Dark Tower
Duplicate Trailer

Recall that recently, producer Ron Howard mentioned that if the film adaptation is successful at the box office, a series about Roland Descan's youth may be released on small screens, which will be based on the novel The Wizard and the Crystal .

The portal to the world Strelka will open in our cinemas on August 3rd.

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