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Cowboy Bebop to Become a Live Action

Image It seems that the young American company Tomorrow Studios has decided to establish itself as one of the main experts in the field of creating series based on Asian film and television hits. In late 2015, the Los Angeles studio acquired the rights to television adaptation of South Korean Bong Joon-ho's dystopia Through the Snow, and now its bosses have decided to make a wonderful gift for fans of Japanese anime. As reported by Deadline , Tomorrow Studios is starting to create a game series based on the cult franchise " Cowboy Bebop ".

The original anime series premiered on TV Tokyo in April 1998. Soon, the management of the Japanese television network decided that " Cowboy Bebop " was not suitable for a children's audience and took it off the air. Fortunately for fans of the animated series, in October of the same year he found shelter on the satellite channel WOWOW . " Cowboy Bebop " has won many prestigious awards in his homeland, and in 2001 he had a chance to conquer America. The first broadcast of the 26-episode animated series in the United States took place on the channel Adult Swim . It is generally believed that it was his success that opened the way to American television screens for other Japanese hits and prompted Joss Whedon to begin work on the space western "Firefly".

The anime series is set in 2071, five decades after the Earth turned into a lifeless desert. Due to the global man-made disaster, mankind had to urgently colonize other planets and satellites. To control the order in the galaxy, the Police of the Solar System was created, which decided to legalize the work of bounty hunters. The main characters of the animated series are the crew members of the starship " Bebop ", specializing in the capture of especially dangerous criminals ...


The animated series about the team of space cowboys was so fond of the audience that soon the idea of transferring its characters to the big screen appeared in Hollywood. Work on a full-length version of " Cowboy Bebop " started back in 2008. Studio 20th Century Fox intended to invite Keanu Reeves to the lead role in the film, but in the end the project was frozen due to budget problems. The last time he was heard of in 2014, the director of the original anime series Shinichiro Watanabe admitted to visitors to the London MCM Comic Con festival that there was no major progress in the work on the film.

Based on the new information, the bosses of Fox have decided to completely abandon the idea of creating a full-length version of " Cowboy Bebop " and resold the rights to adapt it. Tomorrow Studios will partner with the American company Midnight Radio and the Japanese animation studio Sunrise , which brought the original anime to the world, in a multi-part drama about the space adventures of bounty hunters -serial.


Christopher Yost has been appointed as the scriptwriter for the project, whose track record includes the blockbuster Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness and the popular animated series Star Wars Rebels. The Cowboy Bebop production team will include Josh Appelbaum (Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol), Andre Nemec (The Spy), Jeff Pinkner (Lost) and Marty Adelstein (Escape ").

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