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Solar Curse for Steve Pink

Image Back in the early 1980s, a novel entitled The Curse of Hawaii was published by Hunter S. Thompson. According to Deadline, Steve Pink (Jacuzzi Time Machine) recently signed a contract with Rhino Films to shoot an adaptation of the work.

Thompson at one time laid the foundation for gonzo journalism, placing absolute subjectivity in the story at the head of the table. His works are not impartial observations from the outside, but direct participation in the very thick of events. So it was with "The Rum Diary" or "Gonzo: Fear and Loathing of Hunter Thompson", for which the journalist personally wrote the scripts.

The Curse is about a business trip to Hawaii to cover the annual marathon, after which everything was supposed to smoothly develop into Christmas gatherings with loved ones. Thompson on the Islands is an inveterate alcoholic and drug addict who has embarked on an unprecedented adventure, including a dangerous boat trip to the sea. So the story turns into a multi-day struggle with pouring rain and waves.


Writing this time fell on the shoulders of JD Rosen, with Rex Glancey and Matt Bronson taking over the financial part. Filming is scheduled for next year.

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