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Julia Roberts will regain her lost reputation

Image In 2001, the role of the famous human rights activist Erin Brockovich in the film of the same name by Stephen Soderbergh won the Julia Roberts an " Oscar " award. Fifteen years later, the actress decided to take part in yet another intriguing biographical drama that could give her a chance to compete again for the Academy Award . As reported by Deadline , Roberts has signed on to star in the film adaptation of Kelly Peters' autobiography I'll Get You! .

Kelly served as president of the parent-teacher committee for a school in Irvine, California, which for many years held the title of the safest community in the United States. In February 2011, Peters 's impeccable reputation was destroyed when the police found several bags of drugs in her car.

Shortly before this incident, Kelly had the imprudence to detain a group of schoolchildren after school, which caused a storm of anger from the mother of one of the students, Jill Easter , who did not find her son on the usual location when I came to pick him up from school. The very next day, Jill and her husband Kent began to fulfill their promise to properly annoy Kelly . First, they posted leaflets throughout the school demanding the removal of Peters of her position, and then moved on to more drastic measures. A police investigation revealed that it was the Easter who planted drugs in Kelly's car. For Peters itself, the story received a completely Hollywood happy ending: the court sentenced

The film rights to Peters are owned by CAA , an actor recruiting agency that has already offered its project to a number of Hollywood studios. One of the main favorites in the fight for biographical drama is the company Smoke House Pictures , owned by a close friend of Julia Roberts - George Clooney.

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