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School of Thieves

Image Image Movers and Voltage Films will join forces to film the adaptation of Danny King's novel School for Scoundrels , Variety . The director's chair of the comedy action thriller tentatively titled The Gafin Academy went to the brothers Drew and John Eric Dowdlam (The Devil), who are to realize script by Aaron Rapk and Stuart Kay.

The protagonist of King's novel is a difficult teenager Wayne Banstead , who was kicked out of school in disgrace after teachers learned that he ransacked a nearby grocery store. They decide to send the hooligan for re-education to a specialized educational institution for juvenile delinquents, but the protagonist discovers that the teachers of the " Gafin " academy are not at all going to put the students on the path of correction, but make them highly professional thieves ...

The intriguing project will be supported by renowned Hollywood filmmaker Robert Zemeckis . The creator of the cult films Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forrest Gump has kindly agreed to act as executive producer of Gafin Academy .


The Dowdles brothers expect to start filming this fall.

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