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Walt Disney entrusts Robert Zemeckis Pinocchio


Walt Disney Studios is launching Pinocchio, a feature movie based on the famous tale by Carlo Collodi and the animated movie adaptation of the same name. According to Variety, the director's post has been offered to Robert Zemeckis, the creator of the Back to the Future trilogy and Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forrest Gump.

in the process of negotiations. Academy Award nominee Chris Weitz will prepare the script for the project. Note that this is not the first attempt by Walt Disney to shoot a feature movie "Pinocchio". Back in 2017, it was reported that Sam Mendes might be in the director's chair, and a little later Paul King was associated with the project.

Other studios are also involved in the adaptation of the Kollodi fairy tale. So, since 2018, director Guillermo Del Toro has been working on an animated version. It is expected that the action of his "Pinocchio" will be transferred to the 30s of the XX century, that is, in the era of the establishment of fascism in Italy, and this dramatic historical moment is likely to be reflected in the general concept. The project supports Netflix streaming service.

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