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Captain Marvel Goes To The 90s

Image The creators of popular superhero franchises continue to feel nostalgic for the last decades of the 20th century. Warner Bros. is considering sending Wonder Woman to the 80s, and 20th Century Fox has already decided that Action Seven part of the "X-Men" will unfold in the 90s. As it became known at the convention " Comic-Con ", one of the heroines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will also go to the recent past.

According to Movieweb , at the San Diego Festival, Marvel announced that Captain Marvel will take place in the early 90s. x years of the last century. Several concept art of the film comic were presented to the public, which confirmed the rumors in the air that Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson will play an important role in its plot. Moreover, the soloist of the superheroine Carol Danvers promises to show the head of the organization SHIELD without the trademark eye patch.

Comic-Con also revealed that the main villains of the comic strip will be the Skrulls. The debut of this alien race in the pages of graphic novels Marvel took place back in 1962. The main distinguishing feature of Skrulls is their unique ability to change appearance, thanks to which they can take the form of both living organisms and ordinary objects from the environment.


Earlier this month, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed that some of the rights to the Skrulls belong to 20th Century Fox . Apparently, the head of Marvel Kevin Feige managed to safely return the reptilian race to his native land. Recently, relations between Hollywood studios have clearly become warmer: Fox and Marvel not only willingly exchange rights to characters, but also work together on the Legion telecomic strip.

It is rumored that Carol Danvers will debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year in the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War. Brie Larson won the role of Captain Marvel on last year's " Comic-Con "

Captain Marvel is slated to begin filming early next year, with the premiere of the first solo female superhero in Marvel MCU history March 7, 2019 ...

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