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And Jackson is so young

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Over the past few years, Marvel has been rolling around the technology for rejuvenating actors. Thanks to the talented masters of computer graphics, the creators of the superhero universe returned youth to Robert Downey Jr., Kurt Russell, Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer. Now Marvel is ready to go even further. If earlier the studio limited itself to short scenes with the participation of digital stunt doubles, then in the Captain Marvel blockbuster it will use the effect of rejuvenation on one of the actors for almost the entire duration of the film.

A year ago, the leadership of Marvel announced that the action of the solo album of superheroine Carol Danvers will unfold in the 90s. Then it became known that Nick Fury would play an important role in the plot of the film comic strip. In a new interview with Slashfilm, the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige made it clear that Samuel L. Jackson will not be limited to humble cameos." Captain Marvel " will be the first film in the franchise, one of the main characters of which will be a rejuvenated character, - said the curator of the superhero MCU. “Sam will look a quarter century younger.


At the same time, Feige did not disclose new details of the film's plot. “I think the audience already has enough information, - said Kevin. -They know that we will go to the nineties and meet the Skrulls, Cree and Nick Fury without his trademark bandage ... I think in a month or two we will please the audience with the first trailer of this movie comic. ”

The USA premiere of Captain Marvel is scheduled for March 7, 2019.

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