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She solved her own murder

Image Having achieved significant success in the music industry, the Australian singer Iggy Azalea decided to try her hand at the world of big cinema. Two years ago, the hip-hop star made a cameo appearance in the blockbuster "Fast and Furious 7", and in the spring of last year she organized her own production studio, Azalea Street Productions . According to Deadline , one of the first projects of Azalea will be a screen version of Temple Matthews' novel Bad Girl Gone .

The main character of the story, 16-year-old Echo Stone , wakes up in a strange orphanage. The girl has no idea how she got there, but she clearly remembers that she is not an orphan. When the staff of the establishment refuses to provide an opportunity to contact the parents, Stone decides to attempt an escape.

On the threshold of her house, she discovers a police tape, which makes it clear that a murder has occurred inside. At this moment, the girl notices that her parents' car is approaching the house. Echo rushes to the car, but it miraculously drives right through it. Stone realizes that she was killed, and the mysterious orphanage was a kind of purgatory. In order not to get stuck between the worlds of the living and the dead, Echo has to find out the circumstances of his death ...


The book Matthews goes on sale this August. Iggy Azalea will be produced by Patrick Hughes (Through the Lens) as the producer of her film adaptation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman