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DC TV Universe Coming With New Series

Image DC Comics has decided to make a great New Year's gift for comic fans. On Twitter, its creative director Jeff Jones announced that the DC television universe will continue to expand in 2017. According to him, the announcement of one of the new series will take place in the very near future.

Jones hasn't gone into project details yet. It is possible that DC and the television department of Warner Bros. will continue their successful collaboration with The CW . According to rumors, the management of the television network is not averse to airing a fifth series based on comics in order to be able to cover the entire work week. Now The CW has such small screen hits as Arrow , Supergirl , The Flash ( The Flash ) and DC's Legends of Tomorrow .

It can be a spin-off of one of these telecomics, or a completely new series. The resurgence of the mystical drama "Constantine" ( Constantine ) could be a wonderful surprise for the millions of DC Comics fans.


The upcoming announcement may also be linked to the Black Lightning project. In September last year, it became known that the channel Fox began work on the pilot episode of the series about the black superhero Jefferson Pierce . It is possible that the management of the television network decided to order the full first season of the superhero action movie. Previously, thanks to the partnership of DC and Fox , the popular TV series Gotham ( Gotham ) and Lucifer ( Lucifer ).


In February of this year, the successful TV universe will be replenished with the sitcom Powerless ( Powerless ). DC Comics is also currently working on the second season of Preacher and is preparing to invite viewers to the planet Krypton and Indian reservations.

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