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A director found for the sequel to ”Assassins”

Image In April of this year, the bosses of the studio Lionsgate expressed hope that the director of the crime thriller " Assassin " Denis Villeneuve would agree to lead the filming of the sequel. As the site The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, in the busy schedule of the filmmaker there was still no time to work on the second part, and he will be replaced by Italian Stefano Sollima .

The sequel to "Assassins" was titled Soldado ( "Soldier" *), and the script was written by Taylor Sheridan. Filming is due to begin this fall.

It is known that the plot of the tape will focus on the character of Benicio del Toro from the first film. Josh Brolin will also return to the role of agent Graver , but Emily Blunt, who previously planned to take part in the filming of the sequel, will not be seen by the audience.


Stefano Sollima is known for his work on the TV series "Gomorra" ( Gomorra ), as well as the films "All the cops are bastards" and "Subura". In addition, a week ago, we reported that the director is working on a mini-series Colt ( Colt ), based on an idea from Sergio Leone.

* -preliminary translation.

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