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Hollywood will continue to breed killers

Image After a busy work schedule did not allow Denis Villeneuve to return to the director's chair of the sequel " Assassins ", studio Lionsgate decided to entrust the filming of the sequel to last year's crime thriller Italian Stefano Sollima. At the beginning of this month it became known that the film will be titled "Soldier" ( Soldado ), and the heroes of Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin will be in the center of its plot.

In an interview with The Independent Sollima admitted that " Soldier " will not be a sequel, but a spin-off of the original film. “This will be a completely separate story about the two characters that the public met in“ Assassin , said Stefano . -I liked the project precisely because it is not an ordinary sequel. Viewers will be able to enjoy the film even if they were not familiar with the picture of Villeneuve . The action will take place in the same world, but the journey will be completely different. Even our main theme will be different: instead of drug trafficking, the focus of the plot will be on the problem of immigration”.

The Italian also let slip that the plans of Lionsgate already have a third part of the franchise. “The main idea is to create three films based on the anthology principle,” said the director.


Earlier it became known that the creators of " Soldier " do not plan to use the heroine Emily Blunt in the plot. It's possible that the studio bosses have decided to save the actress for another spin-off " Assassins ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman