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”Another World” will move to TV

Image When the fifth film in the Underworld franchise came out, it became clear that the film series had run its course. In the North American box office "Blood Wars" earned only $ 30 million on a budget of $ 35 million, and critics smashed the horror to smithereens. Since then, the question has remained open whether the story of the confrontation between werewolves and vampires will continue on large or small screens.

The creator of the franchise, Len Wiseman, announced his desire to direct a series based on "Another World" back in 2014 at New York's Comic-Con. At that time, the potential project was intended to expand the universe familiar to viewers. There was no further news of him, although Wiseman reassured fans early last year that the show was still in development. It looks like the producer is now more confident in the future of the series than ever.

According to Deadline, Wiseman has confirmed that he will executive produce the new show. Also involved in the creation of the project is the television division of the Sony studio. Wiseman claims that their target audience is premium cable and digital channels, and regarding the style of the series, Len noted the following:“It will be strikingly different from movies ... I will not say that it will become more adult, but definitely less comic in terms of atmosphere and heroes ".


The first part came out back in 2003 and suddenly became a hit. At the same time, Another World has never enjoyed the favor of critics, but viewers have replenished the franchise's piggy bank for $ 539 million. Since then, the film series has introduced the audience to a century-old mythology, the detailing of which could become the main task of the new project. Although it is hardly worth hoping that Kate Beckinsale's Celine will move from the big screens to TV.

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Author: Jake Pinkman