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USA Box Office: Superheroes Fell on Day of the Dead

Image No matter how hard the DC superheroes tried to stay on the top line of the financial rating, they still failed to achieve the impossible. After a relatively disastrous start, Batman and company only watched from the sidelines as another Pixar cartoon resting on its laurels.

Of the top ten box office premieres ever held on Thanksgiving weekend, nine are Disney creations, and Coco's Secret is no exception, jumping straight into fourth place on the list. The cartoon mastered $ 49 million over the weekend (November 24-26), and its achievements in five days at the box office are estimated at $ 71.2 million. Only Frozen ($ 93.6 million) earned more in previous Thanksgiving Days, last year's Moana "($ 82.1 million) and the second Toy Story ($ 80.1 million).

Coco's Secret has raised more than $ 65 million from distributors and reporters, which means the scandal over Pixar CEO John Lasseter did not in any way affect the interest of viewers who gave the film a high A + score. Until the second half of December, before the release of the eighth episode of "Star Wars", the animated film will not have strong competitors, which means that it is quite capable of hitting the production budget estimated at $ 175-200 million.


Coco's Secret can also be compared to the cartoon Rapunzel: A Tangled Story, which started with $ 68.7 million. The fairy tale about the blonde princess finished its home theater tour with a sum of $ 200.8 million, while earning more than $ 590 million worldwide. Moana even boasts an impressive $ 643 million. If The Secret of Coco follows their example, it will become one of Pixar's profitable projects and will not repeat the fate of The Good Dinosaur.

The new animated film has every chance of success. Despite the absence of a fairy-tale princess or other popular character, the cartoon has something to offer even to an adult viewer - well-developed characters, a beautiful picture and a clever script. “The Secret of Coco”, dedicated to the celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead, in a format understandable even for children, deals with the themes of death, the value of the family, and can rightfully be considered one of the studio's best creations.


"Justice League" had to settle for second place on the holiday weekend. The weekend brought Zack Snyder's blockbuster $ 40.7 million, although he can be credited with the fact that after a disastrous start, the film's audience fell by only 57% in a week. The film grossed $ 171.5 million in ten days at the box office, while Wonder Woman grossed $ 206.3 million over the same period, and Suicide Squad - $ 222.6 million.

Warner Bros. Studio does not disclose the amount spent on the filming of Justice League, but insiders estimate the blockbuster budget at $ 300 million. To reach the level of self-sufficiency, the film, which has received a lot of negative criticism, needs to raise about $ 600-700 million, but so far in the world box office he managed to earn only $ 481.3 million.


The drama "Miracle" continues to delight its creators, adding $ 22.3 million to the financial asset. Now Stephen Chbosky's picture has $ 69.4 million, despite the fact that it was shot for a moderate $ 20 million budget. And although initially the bosses of Lionsgate hoped only for financial success, insiders believe that now, after receiving high praise from critics and viewers, the studio will try to promote the tape among the candidates for prestigious film awards.


The blockbuster "Thor: Ragnarok" does not give up its positions, continuing to select the public from the "Justice League" and stuff its already tight wallet. Over the past weekend, the trikvela's piggy bank was replenished by $ 16.8 million, and its total home box office is $ 277.5 million, and so far among all Marvel movie comics, the third Thor is in tenth place. Taiki Waititi's film grossed an even more impressive amount outside the US - $ 512.6 million.


The comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 ”, which has mastered an additional $ 13.3 million. In home theaters, Sean Anders's picture does not shine and has collected a little more than its $ 69 million budget - $ 72.7 million. The second part cannot boast of great success in the world box office: view only $ 15 million

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