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If the stars don't light up

Image Do you remember the moment when you could say with confidence:Here he becomes a movie star? This is not always easy, but there are always specific features that distinguish a genius from the general range. Very often, the very moment is captured on film that convinces us that the actor is trying to become a movie legend. He tries, in spite of the fact that many went to this and did not reach it or did not succeed at all.

For Tom Cruise, the starry moment was the dance in lingerie (Risky Business). For Russell Crowe, it was the scene where he was causing hell in Gladiator, Will Smith knocking out an alien on Independence Day, and Sandra Bullock jumping on subway tracks to rescue Peter Gallagher in While You Slept. Leonardo DiCaprio danced with Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts sang Prince's song in the bubble bath. Robert Downey Jr. learned to fly in Iron Man ... The list goes on. But there is no denying the fact that the number of true movie stars is very limited. And getting into them is more difficult than entering a private country club.

When Hollywood offers us a new candidate for idols, and he does not live up to expectations, it becomes interesting what went wrong? Why didn't the challenger sink into the soul of the viewer?


Ryan Reynolds is a prime example of this. He had a million opportunities to become a really great actor. But he never realized them properly, until he finally came out with "Deadpool", which became an instant hit. Ryan has been waiting for this for almost ten years.

And not so long ago, we saw Chris Hemsworth battling the box office: the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman collected only a third of what the studio hoped for. The point here, of course, is not Hemsworth , and the advertising of the film was based on Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt. But the responsibility for the failure may well fall on his shoulders and possibly even ruin his career.

With the exception of the Avengers: Age of Ultron project, his last four films have not particularly distinguished themselves at the box office: Cyber, Race, In the Heart of the Sea, and now a sequel to Snow White. Foreign fees are unlikely to provide a continuation of this tape. Obviously, none of the films listed were easy in terms of audience engagement. Most likely, another actor would not have embodied the main characters of these films better than Chris , but since his name is the first in the credits, and all hopes were pinned on him, then he is the switchman.

It should be noted that Cyber by Michael Mann was released in January. There isn't usually much competition during this period, and even bad films can get good grosses. But the result was so weak that heavy stones flew into Hemsworth's garden . Leaving aside his cameo role in Vacation, where Chris seems to have been used purely for beauty, almost as a decorative element. Judging by the trailer for the new Ghostbusters, it's the same story.


Chris is still starring as Thor in Marvel MCU. We'll see the new Thor: Ragnarok movie in 2017 . So Hemsworth will certainly not be out of work, but don't expect to see it anywhere other than superhero blockbusters. It's a shame considering he's a very talented guy and deserves more.

And there are a lot of the same talented men and women around who had the opportunity to move to a new level, but for some reason (whether it was the wrong choice of role, the indifference of the audience, or just bad fate) this did not happen. Adrian Brody, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams (and this is just the "fresh" four) - they all flashed brightly somewhere and then actually disappeared. Tellingly, it has nothing to do with their talent. Brody - Winner of Oscars (Best Actor in A Pianist), McAdams was nominated for a Golden Statuette for Best Supporting Actor in In the spotlight, ”while Farrell and Kitsch were, according to critics, too late to work on potentially stellar characters. But that,

How does all this happen? Maybe the very concept of "movie star" is outdated? After all, the legends of 20 or even 30 years ago no longer have the same influence as before. And today it is even more so. There are, of course, exceptions. Take Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, who raised Survivor's worldwide gross over $ 500 million . And now he is a star, not just an actor. But take Chris Pratt - smart, funny, talented, charm. He already has two big hits - Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Pratt was especially good in Guardians , but would these films have less success if someone else had played the lead?


Or take a look at the recent work of Tom Cruise . Even if you do not count the last three films from the series "Mission: Impossible", over the past ten years he has played in eight projects. Two of them have surpassed $ 100 million in gross at home. In Soldiers of Failure, Tom , although he appeared in the episode, was hilarious. And "Edge of the Future" has jumped the mark of $ 200 million at the worldwide box office. Yes, his popularity in the world still remains high, but the projects he chooses can hardly be called masterpieces, and we are talking about a man who can rightfully be called one of the world's greatest movie stars on the planet.

In the end, all of this is probably not important. Chris Hemsworth continues to work like all of the above, even if he no longer stars as he hoped. He is unlikely to be comforted by the idea that he is not alone. But given how rapidly the industry itself is changing, it is possible that he simply won't get a second chance.


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