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The new mutants are to blame

Image After months of hard work on the adaptation of the New Mutant comics for the 20th Century Fox studio, director Josh Boone decided to seek help from his colleagues in the melodrama Fault in the Stars. The news site The Hollywood Reporter reports that Scott Neistadter and Michael H. Weber are beginning to write the blockbuster " X-Men: The New Mutants ".

The duo's track record also includes a couple of teen melodramas - Paper Towns and Exciting Times, which will undoubtedly help them in their work on New Mutants , as producer Simon Kinberg previously noted that the atmosphere of the blockbuster should be reminiscent of a teenage movie.

According to the source, Weber and Neistadter will be working on the script with Boone . Although the details of the project were not disclosed, Josh in one of his interviews named the names of comic book characters who may appear in the picture. These included She-Wolf , Magic , Sunspot , Mirage and Cannonball ... In general terms, the film will be about a group of young mutants trying to come to terms with their abilities.


While the studio management has not decided on the further fate of the main film series "X-Men", but together with "New Mutants" continues to prepare another spin-off of the franchise, "X-Force", as well as the sequel to "Deadpool". As for Gambit's solo album, it lost its director yesterday and still remains without a release date.

Filming for The New Mutants is due next year.

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