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USAn Box Office: Ben-Hur won the first race

Image Peplum “ Ben-Hur ” did not delight American viewers, and we can already confidently speak of him as one of the main losers of this year. However, domestic moviegoers reacted to the new creation of Timur Bekmambetov more condescendingly and even allowed him last weekend ( September 8-11 ) to settle on the top line of the USA box office.

The debut weekend ended for Ben-Hur with a result of 140 million rubles. Almost at the same level four years ago, another film was opened in USA cinemas Bekmambetov - "President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" ( 139 million rubles. ). However, if we compare the first achievements of the epic with its genre counterparts, then it is significantly inferior to them. So, "Exodus: Gods and Kings" by Ridley Scott earned on its first weekend 433.9 million rubles. , and "Pompeii" could boast of the amount of 200.8 million rubles .

"Ben-Hur" 1959, directed by William Wyler, earned 11 Oscars and is rightfully considered a classic of cinema. Therefore, even before the release of the version of Bekmambetov , many wondered whether it was worth reshooting an exemplary film in a new way. Critics point out that if you contrast the tape of Wyler with a remake, then the comparison will not be in favor of the latter. Of course, the special effects have become more modern, but the story of Bekmambetov looks like only a retelling of the novel by Lew Wallace, in places changed beyond recognition.


If you forget about the Oscar-winning relative, you can find in a new interpretation and positive aspects - chic costume design, dynamic development of events and pleasing to the eye views.

The cartoon for adults “ Full Raskolbas ” started from the second line in the box office. In its first weekend, the tape Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan mastered 77.1 million rubles . Distributors initially counted on a lower amount, and the picture about talking food managed to bypass such representatives of the comedy genre as "Obnoxious Grandfather" ( 71.9 million rubles. ) and "Macho and Botan" ( 71.5 million rubles. ). On the other hand, cartoons with an adult rating are rarely released, which explains the viewers' interest in Full Raskolbas .


It was clear from the start that Seth Rogen's film was going to be ambiguous. As a result, the opinions of the reviewers, as well as the viewers, were divided on his attitude. Full of satire and obscene jokes, the comedy seemed to some to be an empty shell, while others saw in it an excellent banter over the realities of modern life with all its problems of religious fanaticism and racism. One thing is for sure - Rogen and his team have managed to create an uncompromising and provocative product.


The third position of the top 5 was taken by another cartoon - "The Secret Life of Pets " in its fourth rental week earned 74.2 million rubles . The total collection of the film in USA has already exceeded 2 billion rubles. , but the film, which is rapidly losing its viewership, has no chance to bypass Zootopia in terms of the total indicator with its 2.275 billion rubles .


On the fourth place is another debutant of the USA box office - the drama " Miracle on the Hudson ". Of course, the story of the modern American hero could not impress the domestic audience as much as the Americans, but 62.8 million rubles went to the piggy bank of the movie Clint Eastwood . The film has bypassed other films with Tom Hanks in the title role in this indicator - Captain Phillips ( 58.6 million rubles ) and Spy Bridge ( 54.6 million rubles ). The merit of Eastwood and the entire project team is that they were able to accurately recreate the dramatic events of January 2009 and show that everything ends well if real professionals take over.


The new " Jason Bourne " closes the top five of the best box offices in USA, adding 44.2 million rubles to its asset. So far for two weeks at the box office the film Paul Greengrass has 223.5 million rubles . There is no need to claim the laurels of the best picture of the year "Bourne" , especially since many note the monotony of the adventures of the hero Matt Damon. According to critics, the director adhered to the principle"Everything new is well forgotten old", and therefore, not finding interesting topics for the next part of the film series, he used developments from previous films, focusing on action and special effects.

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